Every moment counts.
Every moment in life is worth recording.
Here, you can take control of the shutter yourself.
Without a photographer, you can have a fun way to take pictures and a relaxed shooting experience.
You can bring your pets, friends, and family here to record life's beautiful moments of life.
No.1, Lane 278, Xiangyang South Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

PHOTOWITH is a self-service photo studio based in Shanghai.
In 2021, I participated in this project as a design director, where I was responsible for branding, packaging, and UX design.
PHOTOWITH provides users with a private environment to take pictures, as well as the opportunity to control the shutter in order to avoid camera anxiety. As a result of a series of analyses and research, the core concept of the brand was identified as Relax.


15 weeks

Logo Inspiration

Packaging Design

UX Design

PHOTOWITH's official website was created on a WeChat-based Mini-Program platform, with the primary purpose of helping customers purchase and pay for their merchandise bundles.
In addition, the site offers features such as photo mailing, peripheral shopping, and gift cards.


High-fi Prototype

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