Yiyao Zhao
Guinevere Mesh
Yesha Sheth


6 weeks

This is a group project from the Visual Design Concepts course at Parsons School of Design. The task involved ideation, research, user flow, wireframing, branding, and prototyping to develop a new feature that solves a pain point or enhances a pre-existing application.

Venmo is an American mobile payment service that allows friends and family to transfer funds. The team created a feature to make splitting bills with friends easier, without the need for manual calculations. Moreover, we were able to participate in more social interactions with our friends.


In our observation of the product, we found that numerous features could be enhanced.

  1. There are some features that allow users to interact with their friends, such as liking and commenting on each other's transactions, but these features are rarely used.
  2. In order to split the bill with friends, we have to manually calculate the amount and then transfer the funds, which is a very complex process.

How might we motivate users to interact more with their friends?

How might we split our bills more easily with friends?

User Research

In order to better understand our target users' pain points and frustrations, we constructed a persona based on these problems. Additionally, we provided two solutions with different features.

  • As the capability of interacting with friends is already available, we believe that we should just expand this functionality and offer users more interaction options, such as sharing photos and location information.
  • If you use group payment, you can select your friends, enter the total amount, and then automatically calculate the split amount.

Paper Prototype

Low-fi Prototype

Style Guide

High-fi Prototype

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